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Roobet online casino: Enjoy betting games like no other

Access a large variety of casino games at Roobet Casino, where you can wager on games such as slots, table games, live dealers, and more. Grab tons of opportunities to increase your winnings with enticing promotions to enjoy your time even more.

Wager away at Roobet Casino, the number one bookmaker and casino platform in Japan that supports both fiat and crypto. It’s the perfect place to access a diverse range of gambling options, allowing you to explore all possibilities of winning. Learn more about the Roobet and why you should choose it as your preferred platform below.

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Reasons why playing Roobet Casino games is superior

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There are many casino platforms out there, but Roobet Casino is more reliable. Curious to know why? Discover all the features that earned Roobet Casino its popularity among online punters across the world. Check out our list below:

You can bet on popular casino games

Roobet Casino is home to over 4,000 casino games from the best casino game provider in the world. When you visit the platform, you’ll find many variations of slots, live casino games, and more, giving you the freedom to try each one and decide on what suits you best. 

Access exclusive Roobet Casino games

On top of having access to enticing games known across the world, you can also access exclusive Roobet online casino games on the platform, which are made solely for Roobet players. These games include Plinko, Dice, Coinflip, and more.

Wager using fiat or crypto

When you wager on Roobet Casino games, you can do so using both fiat and crypto options. At present, our supported fiat currency is the US Dollar (USD), while the supported virtual currency options are Bitcoin (BTC), Tether (USDT), USD Coin (USDC), Ethereum (ETH), and Litecoin (LTC).

Roobet has an impressive VIP program

The Roobet VIP program is reserved for the most elite players on the platform. It’s an invite-only program, where only the top punters have the chance to get invited. Become one of our top bettors and get access to stunning VIP rewards such as a personal VIP manager, exclusive bonuses and promotions, VIP gifts, priority customer service, and more.

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Play it on Roobet: Online casino roulette

Online roulette is one of the most popular table games in the world, beloved by punters for its thrilling gameplay and impressive rewards. At Roobet, you can play both live and video roulette games, such as:


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Online Roulette is a table game created by Roobet and offered exclusively to our punters. It’s a simplified game variation that allows you to wager on whether the roll will reveal a gold, silver or bronze coin. The betting period lasts 10 seconds, so make sure to place the minimum/maximum bet within that time for a chance to win up to US$500,000.

Classic Roulette

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Software provider OneTouch delivers you Classic Roulette, which is one of the best video table games you can play at Roobet. When you play this, the minimum/maximum bet you can place is between US$0.5 to US$5,000. 

Lucky 21: Online casino blackjack games you can play

When looking for quick wins, most punters head straight to a casino blackjack table to test their luck. The reason for this is blackjack offers quick gameplay, easy mechanics, and roughly a 50/50 chance of winning. If you’re looking for the same type of game, then here are the best blackjack titles for you:

Blackjack Party

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Blackjack Party is a thrilling table game where you play alongside other live players. The table is set for seven punters, all of whom are dealt two cards like a traditional blackjack game. Each player competes against the dealer to reach the hand value of 21 or the closest to it without exceeding.

This exciting game is brought to you by software provider Evolution, delivering an interactive experience to players. To participate, you must place a minimum/maximum bet between US$4 to US$10,000.

Blackjack 1

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Software provider Bombay Live brings you Blackjack 1, a fun table game where you can test your skills alongside other players. This table game seats up to seven players per round. Once seated at the table, you get to compete against the dealer with the winning hand. Just place a minimum/maximum wager between US$5 to US$5,000 to start playing.

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Wager on the best hand in online casino baccarat games

Casino baccarat is another great option for punters looking for quick gameplay and great rewards. Both video and live dealer baccarat options are available for you to play, such as:


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Baccarat is a great video table game for you to play if you prefer to play the game by yourself. This is a great game brought to you by software provider OneTouch, which is perfect for new punters looking to learn the ropes of the game. Place minimum/maximum bet between US$0.5 to US$5,000 to enjoy playing. 

Baccarat Squeeze

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If you’re looking for a live dealer variation of this great table game, then Baccarat Squeeze is a great option to play. It’s brought expertly by the top software provider Evolution, where you can experience immersive gameplay by placing a minimum bet of US$1 to a maximum of US$5,000.

Bluff and win in online casino poker games at Roobet

When it comes to betting games, casino poker is typically the first thing that comes to mind. It is the most popular table game out there, testing each player’s ability to balance their luck and skill on the table. Discover the best poker games you can play at Roobet below:

Oasis Poker

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Poker is a table game that requires skills of deduction and knowing when you have a better hand. It can get overwhelming when playing on a packed table, especially if you’re a new poker player. If that’s your case, Oasis Poker by software provider Betsoft is for you, as it allows you to comfortably play while betting according to your pace. Start wagering by placing a minimum/maximum bet worth US$0.50 to US$250.

Video Poker

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Evoplay is an impressive software provider that has delivered Video Poker to Roobet punters. This video table game is similar to traditional poker, where there are five punters on the table, though the other four are computer players. The minimum/maximum bet for this game is between US$0.10 and US$100.

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Roll the casino dice and earn massive prizes at Roobet

Casino dice is an exciting game designed specifically for online casino players who like to play straightforward games. 


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Aside from being a great casino platform, Roobet is also an impressive software provider, which they proved with Dice. Here, you predict the result of the roll and set your desired amount on the left section of the grid. Once you’ve made your prediction, roll the dice and earn multiplier wins when your wager is correct.

Rocket Dice

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Another great crypto game to play is Rocket Dice, which offers thrilling gameplay from software provider BGaming. This well-designed game challenges you to predict whether the dice will roll over or under the numbers 2 to 11. The multiplier you can win increases up to 35.3x, depending on the number you choose. To play, place a minimum/maximum wager between US$1 to US$300 and see your funds increase.

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Get the most out of your rewards with Roobet Casino promotions

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Casino promotions and bonuses make your gameplay extra fun here at Roobet. That’s why we offer tons of varieties for you to enjoy. See the list of rewards you can claim on the platform as listed below:

Welcome offer

As a new punter on the platform, you can earn up to US$80 in free spins with our Welcome Offer. To claim the free spins, you must rest register and deposit on the platform. Depending on the amount you wager on participating casino games, you can earn varying amounts of free spins, totalling 70 free spins.

Roobet Rewards Program

New punters are not the only ones who can enjoy thrilling rewards on the platform. Through our Roowards, you can earn different bonuses, including Daily Rakeback, Weekly Cashback, Monthly bonus, and more. All registered punters have the chance to claim these rewards. However, you must level up your account membership to claim them.

VIP Club

The most elite players on the Roobet platform can earn a VIP membership. This program is invite-only, which means you need to show that you’re among our top punters to be eligible to join. 

To qualify, make sure to wager big and wager consistently; the more active you are on the account and the higher the wagers you place, the bigger your chance of becoming a VIP member. 

As a member of the VIP program, the rewards you can enjoy include a Personal VIP Account Manager, access to special promotions and exclusive bonuses, priority services, and more.

Playing tips: Improve your game with the right strategy

Before you play casino games at Roobet, make sure to arm yourself with the knowledge to maximise your every wager. Learn how you can do so with our tips below:

Consider the game’s RTP

RTP means Return to Player Percentage, representing the average amount you can receive when playing slots. The higher the percentage of the game, the higher your chances of earning bigger jackpots when you play a game for longer.

Make use of popular betting strategies

When playing a casino game with 1:1 odds of winning, there are several betting systems you can use to maximise your chances of winning. Experienced punters often use these strategies to make their every wager count. The most popular are the following:

Martingale system

The Martingale is one of the most popular betting systems in the world. It is most commonly used to ensure you earn steady prizes, so you can reclaim all your losses. 

In this strategy, you have to double your wagers for every loss and revert to the original amount after a win. For example, when you wager US$5, and you lose, then you need to double it to US$10 for your next bet. You’ll continue to do this for each loss and revert to the initial amount after you land a win. 

Reverse-Martingale system

The Reverse-Martingale system is a strategy which follows the opposite technique of the Martingale system. This means you’ll double your wagers for every win and revert to the original amount for every loss.

Budget your betting funds properly

Having an effective money management system is crucial to maintaining a good betting habit. As a punter, you need to set a strict budget for yourself so you don’t spend more than you’re prepared to. This also applies to your winnings; you need to know when to stop after landing big wins so you don’t immediately lose them.

Choose games you’re comfortable playing

When choosing casino games, your priority shouldn’t be to play the game categories that can offer you the biggest wins. You should select a game that you’re most comfortable with so you can play better. Playing a casino game you like, you’ll play at your own pace and thus improve your chances of landing big wins. 

Start with smaller bets

If you’re a new punter, it’s smart to start playing with smaller wagers. This is to ensure you don’t lose all your funds with just a few bets. However, as you grow more comfortable with your casino game of choice, you can progressively increase your wagers for higher returns.

Take advantage of casino promotions and bonuses

When playing at an online casino like Roobet, don’t miss the opportunity to earn wagering rewards with promotions and bonuses. Check the promotions page and follow the mechanics to earn them and increase your wagering funds.

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How to play casino games at Roobet

We know you’re excited to play over 4,000 casino games we have on the platform. But you can heighten the fun when you learn about the rewarding promotions and bonuses that will make your gameplay more exciting. Let’s get you started by following the steps below:

  1. Register on the platform

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Only registered players can access the thousands of casino games available on Roobet. Head to the sign-up page and fill in the required information such as your username, email address, and password. Alternatively, you can also register by connecting your existing account on Google or Metamask. After registering, you need to undergo the platform’s Know Your Customer (KYC) process. To accomplish this, you need to confirm your identity by providing important information including your full name, date of birth, country of residence, address, and more.
  1. Deposit funds into your account

Once your account is verified, you can now make your first deposit. As one of the top crypto platforms in the world, you have both cryptocurrency and real money options to use. These are:
  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Tether (USDT)
  • USD Coin (USDC)
  • Ethereum (ETH)
  • Litecoin (LTC)
  • And US Dollars (USD)
  1. Choose your preferred casino game

Now that your account is set up, head to the game page and discover the wide selection of games you can play. Some of the most popular casino games are slots, live dealers, Roobet Games, and more.
  1. Wager away and win!

After selecting your game of choice, it’s time to place your wager and play the game. However, before you start, make sure to read the mechanics of the particular game first. When it comes to casino games, software providers have their twist to the gameplay, so be sure to check what they are first to be prepared.

Join the growing community of Roobet punters today!

Over 4,000 casino games await you when you sign up for Roobet today. Whether you’re looking for slots, table games, or live dealers, you’re sure to find them here. Register on the platform and enjoy the varied options available.

On top of all the games, make sure to increase the thrill of your gaming experience by checking all the promotions and bonuses available. With these, you can earn additional wagers from free spin rewards, rakebacks, cashback, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Roobet promotions have varying requirements for eligibility. Additionally, they can only be accessed by registered punters. Make sure to sign up on the platform and deposit funds into your account.
Yes. It’s safe to play on Roobet Casino, as we are a licensed and regulated casino. Our licence comes from the Government of Curaçao under licence 8048/JAZ.
Yes, Roobet is available on mobile. Visit the platform using your mobile browser and enjoy all the games we offer.
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