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Start your betting journey by creating a Roobet account

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Gambling at Roobet is a good way to start your online casino journey, as it has amazing games and sports to bet on. Roobet is easily accessible to punters worldwide, but you must create an account to get the full experience on the platform.

Discover how you can sign up at Roobet with a casino account username. Check out the registration process and see the offers and perks you can get on the platform. 

How to create an online casino account at Roobet

Create an account at Roobet to maximise your funds to play games and bet on sports. Check out the steps you must follow to create an account below:

Online casino registration

Go to Roobet’s homepage and click the ‘Register’ button in the top-right corner of the page.
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Enter all the required info, like the username, Roobet account email address, and password. Tick the boxes and confirm you are older than 18 years old. Read all the terms and conditions, privacy policy, and responsible gambling policy to start your gameplay.
You can also choose other accounts from different platforms like Steam, Google, and Metamask for an easier and faster sign-up process.

Deposit funds into your Roobet account

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Once registered, you can place funds in your account. Choose between the fiat and cryptocurrency deposits, then check out the steps to follow to deposit money into the account:

Fiat deposits

  1. Go to the Roobet deposit page and click the ‘Cards, banks, and more’ button.
  2. Use either your credit card or EcoPayz on the Roobet deposit process.
  3. Enter your deposit amount with a minimum of US$10 alongside your credit card or EcoPayz details.
  4. Click the ‘Deposit’ button.
  5. Wait for your funds to arrive in your account, then start gambling on the platform. 

For crypto

  1. Click the ‘Deposit’ button again.
  2. You can choose which cryptocurrency you want to use from multiple options, such as Bitcoin (BTC), Tether (USDT), Ripple (XRP), and more.
  3. Use your crypto wallet app’s scan feature to scan the QR code on the Roobet platform. If you want to proceed step-by-step, you could also copy the wallet address and do it manually.
  4. You can then place the deposit by inputting your wallet address to finalise the transaction and have funds for your gambling at Roobet.

Buy crypto

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You can also buy cryptocurrencies if you don’t have funds in your crypto wallet. Here are the steps you must follow:

Click the ‘Buy crypto’ page beside the tabs for depositing and withdrawing.
Pick the cryptocurrency you want to use from the crypto list here. Look into the minimum deposit amount you want to place, equivalent to US$50, and select the crypto you want to enjoy using!
Roobet EN account image 5
Verify your online casino email address to make the purchase and get codes for your deposits, which you must redeem to enjoy the benefits.
Roobet EN account image 6
Input all the necessary information, including your name, date of birth, country, and address.
Input the details for your card and hit the ‘Continue’ button.
Verify all the information before clicking on it. Afterwards, you can start buying the cryptocurrencies you want to use.
Wait for the crypto to arrive in your account so you can start playing the game.

Play the games or place sports betting predictions 

Once everything is set up for your account, it is time to gamble! You can play your favourite casino games in the casino section or bet on the biggest sports leagues and matches here at Roobet.

Can I change my Roobet account username?

Some people want to change their account details whenever they log onto Roobet and play their favourite games. 

Unfortunately, the Roobet account username is permanent after your account is created. You do not have an option to change the username, as Roobet does now allow making changes to the display name or account name. 

You can close your account instead. Click on the account settings, and below the ‘Account Closure’ heading, you will see a button for closing your account. However, all your data will be wiped and cannot be restored in the long term.

Roobet casino account password

You can change your password, but you can also change your account name. To adjust your Roobet account password, follow the steps below:

  1. Click the profile silhouette in the top-right corner of the Roobet website. That opens a drop-down menu where you can access the account settings. 
  2. After being redirected to another page, you can click security in the sidebar. You will be met with two text boxes, where you can input your new password and confirm it with another successful type in the box below. 
  3. Click the change password button, and you will be good to go with your account. 

Players usually do this out of protection for the account, which is why other security settings are vital to your experience. You can enable two-factor authentication on the platform using the same security tab. Every time you gamble, it would pop up to protect your account from outside hackers, as they would need either your mobile number or email address. 

You can also log out specific sessions of your Roobet gameplay. Expect a profound experience as you have all the security settings to help you have the best experience possible!

What are the games you can play at Roobet?

Going to Roobet is fun, especially with the games you can play on the online casino section. Roobet has a diverse catalogue of games for you to try out. You have some Roobet Originals, which include exciting games specially produced for the players of the platform. 

Here are some of the best titles you can enjoy at Roobet:

  • Mission Uncrossable
  • Crash
  • Plinko
  • Dice
  • Snoop’s Hotbox.

Apart from the Originals, Roobet has a vast catalogue you can enjoy. These are impressive since you get some amazing sub-genres for the games, making it a versatile platform. Here are the primary categories: 

What are the sports you can enjoy at Roobet?

By betting on Roobet, you can explore some of the biggest sports leagues. When you choose the Roobet platform, you can enjoy betting on some of the best sports in the world. With various betting options, you won’t run out of sports to select. 

Here are the biggest sports you can bet on while you are at Roobet: 

  • Soccer
  • Basketball
  • Tennis 
  • Baseball 
  • MMA.

Bonuses you can enjoy when gambling at Roobet

Once you’re using Roobet to play games, you will encounter rewarding incentives that will take your gaming experience to the highest level.

Now that you have a Roobet account with full verification learn how to maximise it. To do that, you can explore Roobet’s roster of bonuses for your gameplay and sports betting. Here are some of the best perks you can enjoy while you are here on the platform:

Roobet VIP Club
Cashback bonus at Roobet

Be part of the Rooferal program by inviting new players to the Roobet platform! This comes with an incentive, giving you commissions for your gameplay. The main perk is getting a 5% cut of the house edge on all the new player’s wagers, and that increases by 1% per tier until you get the maximum tier 10, which means a 15% cut. 

Note that you must activate Rooferal within 12 hours of creating your account. After that time frame, the Rooferal codes won’t work, and you are locked out of the program, which means you lose out on some of the best rewards. 

Consult the general account settings to learn more about the platform’s Rooferal program.

Join the Roobet VIP Club to get some of the best offers that could improve your overall experience. Roobet is committed to giving you the best experience, with a dedicated team catering to your needs and giving you exclusive perks only VIPs can get.

With this, you can have the best rewards on the platform and enjoy exceptional service on this platform. Check out the benefits you can get below: 

  • VIPs get invited to specific events. 
  • You can be part of tournaments where only VIPs can play. 
  • Get a personalised manager for your gameplay and other matters, where they handle the issues.
  • Earn some free bet bonuses. 
  • Get the ‘Loss back’ bonus, which provides extra rebates on losses you suffered from the games. 
  • Earn some Rakeback rewards for the games you’re playing and sports bets you’re placing.
  • You get to play VIP-specific games.

Whenever you lose bets on the games and sports predictions, you can earn some funds back with the cashback bonus! You can become more confident when placing bets since you know that at least one wager is returning to you.

Level up in the Roowards reward system, which offers amazing payouts besides those you get from the games. Here are those incentives: 

  • Rakeback - This works by giving you a cut from the total stake for the game. That percentage is usually set at 5%, so expect to get a 2.5 USDT cut from the 50 USDT stake.
  • Weekly cashback - You can get a weekly cashback for losses you incur. This helps you by returning some of the funds you spent to soften the blow of the loss.
  • Monthly bonus - The Roobet platform evaluates your account activity and losses over the previous 30 days. This gives you a monthly payout based on your record on the platform.

Tips you should use for your Roobet gambling

When you have an account on the platform, you should employ tips you can use for your gambling. Whether it is the games or the sports you predict, tips for Roobet can go a long way.

Playing games at Roobet is fun, especially if you apply helpful tips. These ensure the best gaming experience while keeping your account and funds secure. Here are some of the best tips you can use with the games or sports at Roobet:

Manage your bankroll well

Set a budget for yourself whenever you gamble at Roobet. You need to control your spending to avoid losing all your money at once. You must be responsible for the money you spend on gambling, especially since you are just starting with a new account. 

Spending according to your budget is essential when playing games or placing bets. No matter how high your ceiling is, you should start with low-value bets to get wind in your sails. You can keep playing or betting to gain experience and smaller rewards, but you can ramp up afterwards. 

Be smart with your money, as that could level you up with the amazing rewards you can get with whichever bet you make.

Try to play high-RTP games 

A good metric for the rewards you can earn is the Return to Player percentage (RTP), which helps you look into how often you can win in the game. Check the numbers; if they are high, you can expect the rewards to come more likely than you think. 

Take advantage of the bonuses when you gamble

With all the bonuses you can get at Roobet, capitalise on the biggest rewards available. Gamble with your money and use the bonuses to increase your advantages for the games you are playing or the matches you are predicting. 

This makes your experience even better, so try them out for yourself and enjoy all the benefits. Control your destiny with the amazing incentives you can get with your bets. Do not be afraid to utilise these perks for the rewards ceiling you can earn.

Be prepared for your sports bets 

When placing sports bets, you should be prepared with every bet you can place. Unlike some casino games, you can make wagers on results with stats to base on. You can maximise those numbers and your knowledge of the sport to help you get the best result possible. 

You can track some of the best trends in the results for the sports leagues. That can expand your knowledge and contribute to the bets you place. Look into the context beyond the trends and stats to learn more about the context behind the match you are betting on and become more prepared.

With all these tools, you can maximise your chances of winning the bets, so do your research to get the most out of every wager you place after creating your account on the platform.

Employ some wagering strategies

Since you are gambling with a lot of your funds across casino games and sports bets, you should employ some wagering strategies. Here are some of the best ones you could use:

  • Martingale - This involves doubling down on your bets whenever you lose. Since you're chasing losses, make sure you have a bigger budget before using this strategy
  • Paroli - This is similar to Martingale, but you are doubling your bet after every win this time. With this, you are maximising all your funds and taking a huge shot at the potential victory.

Enjoy every bit of the Roobet experience!

Create an account and unlock a new world with the Roobet platform! Discover the best casino games and sports betting options to jumpstart your online casino experience. Take advantage of the bonuses and other perks to enhance your time on the platform. Sign up for the Roobet platform today!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The Roobet sportsbook offers different variations of bets, including Live bets, bets on upcoming matches, and Outright bets.
Yes, Roobet has plenty of bonuses and promos you can use when playing. The cashback bonus is arguably the best perk since you can get back some of the funds you lost in a game.
Yes, Roobet has a live chatbot that could help with your inquiries about games and sports bets.
Gambling at Roobet allows you to use either fiat or cryptocurrency payments on the platform.
Yes, Roobet employs security features, including encryption and secure servers, to help protect your info.
No, Roobet’s terms and conditions prevent users from creating multiple accounts. To ensure fairness, you are allowed only one account.
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