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Roobet promotion: Your guide to claiming rewards

At Roobet, we are committed to providing a rewarding experience to our esteemed players. We offer a wide range of online casino promotions and bonuses that players can use while enjoying our slots, table games, live dealers, and more.

If you're seeking bonus rewards to claim, discover our exciting offers below and elevate your gameplay with Roobet.

How does online casino promotion work?

At Roobet, we offer various rewards and bonuses to make your gaming experience more thrilling. However, these perks have terms and conditions that come with it.

These rules include player eligibility, the amount the player needs to bet, and when the promotion expires. Following the set conditions ensures a fair and clear process for the platform and players.

Here are the general terms and conditions for Roobet promotions you need to know:

  • Roobet holds the right to add, change, adjust, suspend, or withdraw any rewards, campaigns, or other offers as deemed appropriate.
  • The bonuses, deals, or special offers may be denied or restricted to users who engage in reward abuse, join in reckless gameplay, break the platform’s terms, or exploit the offers or events.
  • Roobet has the right to end and ban any player’s account that abuses or exploits rewards.
  • Earnings from bonuses and rewards will be added to the crypto side of the player’s Iron Pouch (account wallet) unless stated otherwise.
  • Funds claimed via bonuses or special offers cannot be converted and may only be used for its intended purpose.
  • Roobet has the right to review and record all transactions and deposits for any needed reasons.
  • If a player is found engaging in collusion, unlawful or improper activity, or fraudulent practices, Roobet can revoke their rights to claim any bonuses, offers, or rewards on the platform.
  • All rewards should be claimed within 30 days. Once 30 days have passed, the bonus rewards can no longer be claimed.
  • Users are not allowed to claim any bonus or promotion using multiple accounts.

Roobet Casino Free Play reward

Roobet Rewards Promotions image 1

Free play at Roobet lets you enjoy casino games without spending your money. It's a chance to try various games and explore the platform's features for free.

Here's how the Free Play promotion works:

  • Free Play is a way to earn points that can be exchanged for funds on Roobet. You can earn points by testing apps, websites, and products, completing surveys, or joining promotional events.
  • Roobet does not control Free Play. It's a partnership program that allows players to earn extra funds without depositing money on the platform.
  • Free Play is powered by Offertoro and Lootably. When using their services, you must also agree to their terms of services. 
  • Roobet is not responsible for any points received through Offertoro, Lootably, or any points not received. Any issues must be settled directly with Offertoro and Lootably.

Roobet referral program

Roobet Rewards Promotions image 2

The Roobet referral program rewards players for inviting friends to join and play on Roobet using their casino referral code or unique referral link, to help you earn a portion of their bets.

Here are the guidelines you can follow to join the referral program:

  • The referral program is available from April 1st until further notice for players who have received an exclusive invitation to join.
  • To start, invite a friend to sign up on Roobet and have them make a minimum first deposit of 100 USD.
  • There are four RooSpin packages to claim based on the deposit and bet amounts. These packages reward you with 50 to 150 RooSpins for the slot game Roo Bonanza.
  • Once the new player meets the requirements, the referrer and the new user will receive an equal package of RooSpins.
  • The RooSpins will be rewarded within 2 business days of the new player meeting the requirements.
  • If the required deposit amount is not made or the betting requirement is not met within 7 days of the first deposit, the offer and potential rewards will be forfeited.
  • As an entitled user, you can refer up to five new players and receive multiple RooSpin packages.
  • You must enter the referrer's code within 24 hours of creating their account to be entitled to the promotion.
  • Only users who do not have an existing Roobet account qualify as new players and ID confirmation may be done before awarding the RooSpins.
  • New players who meet the requirements to receive a RooSpin package will also receive an invitation to the Roobet Loyalty Club.

Referral program terms and conditions

  • The referral program lets you refer friends and earn a share of their bets.
  • The referral code is for personal use only, not for business.
  • Breaking the rules will result in account closure and loss of funds. Make sure to avoid the following:
    • Sharing your code with banned regions, minors, or where gambling is illegal.
    • Pretending to be an official personnel or create illegal deals.
    • Misleading others with false promises or running unauthorised ads.
  • Referral earnings go to the cryptocurrency side of your Iron Pouch and follow AML rules to withdraw funds.
  • Bonuses and betting don't count towards referral earnings.
  • All Referral earnings must be claimed within 365 days or it cannot be claimed anymore.

Roobet affiliate program

  • If you're a professional with digital assets aimed to promote online casinos, it is recommended that you become part of Roobet Affiliates.
  • By joining Roobet Affiliates, you'll gain access to specialised tools and earn conventional affiliate marketing commissions for your efforts.
  • To get started, reach out to our affiliate team at [email protected]. They will be ready to offer you with further guidance.

Roobet rakeback

Roobet Rakeback is a special program that rewards players with a percentage of the fees they pay while playing casino games. It allows you to earn back a portion of your bets, which can be a great way to boost your bankroll.

This is how the Rakeback works:

  • Rakeback is a reward based on a portion of the player’s bets during a certain period, taking into account factors like activity, deposits, cashouts, wins, and losses.
  • Rakeback has various levels (from 1 to 10), with higher levels giving the players higher payback. Player’s progress carries over to the next period, and once they reach a level, they keep it for future rakebacks.
  • Refunded bets, due to technical issues or rule violations, are deducted from the rakeback amount and contribute to progressing to the next level.
  • If a player has a wager requirement from a deposit bonus, they won't receive a rakeback until the requirement is reached.
  • Rakeback funds are added to the crypto side of the player’s Iron Pouch.
  • Roobet can change, suspend, or remove Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Rakeback at any time.
  • Trying to claim rakeback multiple times in a period due to bugs, exploits, or hacking is not allowed and breaches the terms.
  • You can view and claim your rakeback by clicking here.
  • Daily Rakeback can be claimed every 24 hours.
  • Weekly Rakeback can be claimed every 7 days.
  • Monthly Rakeback can be claimed every month, with the timing varies based on the length of each month (28, 29, 30, or 31 days).

Roobet loyalty promotions

The Roobet Loyalty Promotions is a rewards program designed to reward loyal users of the Roobet platform. By joining the program, you can earn loyalty points based on your betting activity. The more you bet and play, the higher your loyalty level becomes, unlocking greater benefits and special perks.

Here’s how it works:

  • The Roobet Loyalty Program is an invite-only program designed for active and loyal users only of the Roobet platform.
  • The program operates under the general terms and follows the Bonus and Promotion Policy, including all conditions.
  • The company can change, suspend, or remove any offers, events, or campaigns linked with the loyalty program at its discretion.

Loyalty monthly competition

The Loyalty Monthly Competition occurs between the 25th at 12:00 CEST and the 28th at 23:59 CEST every month. To join, you must receive an invite and deposit at least 1,500 USD between certain dates of the previous and current month.

Players receive 5 minutes of unlimited free RooSpins, valued at 3 USD each, which can be used at any time during the event on the featured slot games. Once you make your first RooSpin, the countdown timer starts, regardless of whether you use any extra RooSpins.

The competition boasts a prize pool of 25,000 USD, shared among the top ten participants. All winnings from RooSpins during this campaign are added to your crypto balance. Any unused entries and potential value from the RooSpins expire at the end of the competition.

You can use the RooSpins on the same three slot games featured in the competition. The results of the event are disclosed on the 29th of each month, and prize payouts are processed within 48 hours.

Roobet VIP Club

Roobet Rewards Promotions image 3

The Roobet VIP program is an exclusive membership program for loyal and high-volume players on the platform. It offers various benefits, which can maximise your experience and winning potential.

By being part of the VIP Club, you can enjoy premium and enhanced gameplay with extra perks tailored to your level of activity and loyalty.

Here’s how the VIP Club works:

  • The VIP Club is a group for Roobet's most loyal users, and it's invite-only.
  • Roobet decides who gets invited and what benefits and perks are given.
  • Each member receives personalised service based on their preferences.
  • Being part of the VIP Club means you agree to share some personal information so the company can provide tailored gifts, offers, surprises, and more.

Perks of being a VIP at Roobet

The benefits and perks of the Roobet VIP Club are designed to enhance your gambling experience in the following ways:

  • Personal VIP account managers: You have experts who will assist you with any matters about your account and the program and provide support at no extra cost.
  • Special gifts, bonuses, and surprises: You’ll receive a wide range of thrilling bonuses, surprises, and gifts only available to VIP Club members.
  • Offline events: You can attend events tailored to your likes, such as top-class sports events, theatre shows, art exhibits, natural wonders, and fun parties.

Roobet will cover all expenses, and it's up to you if you want to accept the offer and attend these events.

  • Special VIP promotions: As a VIP Club member, you will have access to offers that are not available to regular players, giving you more chances to maximise your rewards.
  • Prompt response and support: Your VIP account managers will prioritise your inquiries, giving you faster response times and needed support for any issues or concerns you may have.
  • Personal feedback and requests: You can provide feedback and make special requests directly to your VIP account manager.

Guide on how to claim Roobet Casino promotions

Here is a step-by-step guide on how you can start claiming rewards and offers at Roobet:

Go to Roobet: Visit the official website of Roobet Casino and find the ‘Sign up’ button on the homepage to become a member.
Roobet Rewards Promotions image 4
Register an account: If you haven't already, create an account at Roobet. Provide the needed details and complete the signing up process.
Roobet Rewards Promotions image 5
Log into your account: Use your username and password to log into your Roobet account.
Roobet Rewards Promotions image 6
Go to the promotions section: Look for the ‘Promotions’ tab on the homepage. You can find it on the left side of the main menu. To view the promotional page, click on it.
Roobet Rewards Promotions image 7
Go to the promotions section: Look for the ‘Promotions’ tab on the homepage. You can find it on the left side of the main menu. To view the promotional page, click on it.
Go to the promotions section: Look for the ‘Promotions’ tab on the homepage. You can find it on the left side of the main menu. To view the promotional page, click on it.
Go to the promotions section: Look for the ‘Promotions’ tab on the homepage. You can find it on the left side of the main menu. To view the promotional page, click on it.
Go to the promotions section: Look for the ‘Promotions’ tab on the homepage. You can find it on the left side of the main menu. To view the promotional page, click on it.
Go to the promotions section: Look for the ‘Promotions’ tab on the homepage. You can find it on the left side of the main menu. To view the promotional page, click on it.
Go to the promotions section: Look for the ‘Promotions’ tab on the homepage. You can find it on the left side of the main menu. To view the promotional page, click on it.
Go to the promotions section: Look for the ‘Promotions’ tab on the homepage. You can find it on the left side of the main menu. To view the promotional page, click on it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

To claim a Roobet casino promotion, simply follow this quick guide:
Sign up or log into your account.
Go to the promotions section.
Choose the one that you like
Follow the guide provided, which may include making a minimum deposit or using a promo code.
Betting requirements are conditions that specify the amount you have to bet before you can withdraw winnings from a promotion you claimed. This can vary based on the offer you choose, so ensure to review the terms and conditions to know it.
No, Roobet strictly prohibits multiple accounts. Each player is allowed to have a single account only. Creating or using multiple accounts to claim offers is a violation of Roobet's terms and can result in penalties or account suspension.
Some Roobet promotions may have limits on the games you can play with the bonus funds or free spins. Review the terms of the promotion to understand any game limits.
The validity period of Roobet promotions can vary. Some offers may be available for a limited time, while others may have certain start and end dates. Check the terms and conditions of each promotion for its validity period.
If you experience any issues or have questions about a promotion or your Roobet account, you can contact our prompt 24/7 customer support team. They will assist you in solving the problem and provide the needed guidance.
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