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Bank Account

Roobet Bank Account: Your guide to hassle-free bank transfers

As a trusted online casino, we ensure you get a hassle-free time at Roobet by providing smooth ways to add funds to your account. With these, you can immediately play our wide range of online casino games, such as in-house games, slots, table games, live dealers, and more.

Suppose you're looking for the perfect and secure way to deposit money into your Roobet account. In that case, this guide will go through all the details about online casino bank deposit options in an online casino. 

Here, you can learn how to easily set up your Roobet account and start funding your gameplay with complete peace of mind.

How casino bank deposit works with bank transfer

Bank transfers are a common and easy way to add or withdraw money to your online casino account. This lets you move funds directly between your bank and casino account. It's a safe and well-known payment method that many online casino players use to manage their funds and start playing.

Using your bank account to fund your gameplay is simple. Here's how the process works:

First, you must link your bank account to your online casino account. This is typically an easy process: You just need to enter your banking details securely on the platform.
Once that's done, you can start a transfer directly from your bank's online platform or banking app whenever you want to deposit money.
Enter the amount you want to move, and the funds instantly appear in your casino account balance.

Bank transfers are convenient and fast. The money gets to your casino wallet immediately, allowing you to dive into gameplay without delay. Further, it provides an extra layer of security and control since you're moving the money from your verified bank account.

Fees linked with bank transfers

Some small fees may be involved when you use a bank transfer to add funds to your online casino account. These fees are charged by the banks, not the casino itself. Banks often have fees for moving money in and out of accounts, which requires time and effort to process the transactions.

The good news is that at Roobet Casino, we do not charge any fees for bank transfers. The only fees you may encounter come from your bank. Some banks may have small charges for outgoing transfers or account maintenance. 

As long as you know your bank's terms and conditions, you can enjoy the convenience of bank transfers to fund your account without worrying about extra charges from us.

Perks and drawbacks of using bank transfer

While bank transfers offer the ease of directly moving funds into your online casino balance, there are also a few drawbacks to remember when using them. Knowing the pros and cons can help you decide if this is the right funding option for your online casino needs.

Pros of bank transfer

Top-notch safety
No extra fees
Easy tracking
Familiar process

Bank transfers are a safe way to move cash to your casino account. Strong measures protect your bank data, keeping your funds from fraud. This enhances safety compared to other methods that may be more at risk of scams or hacks.

With bank transfers, you’ll feel at ease knowing your casino funds are handled through your bank's trusted processes. The strict rules of the bank ensure high-level safety for your money transfers.

Another great thing about bank transfers at Roobet is that there are no extra fees compared to other methods like cards or e-wallets, which often come with fees. The only costs might be small transfer fees from your bank. Fortunately, with bank transfers, you can avoid those fees. 

When you use a bank transfer to fund your casino account, you have full view and control over your cash. You can keep track of the deposit in your bank logs, giving you a clear trail of transactions.

This see-through view of your bank transfer is useful because you can monitor the cash going in and out to ensure it is correct.

Most players are well-used to and feel secure sending money to online casinos with bank transfers. Sending cash from your bank is a normal task you likely do a lot for different things. This know-how makes using bank transfers for casino cash simple and clear.

Cons of bank transfer

Slow cash in
Less privacy
Limits on amounts

When you use bank transfer to add funds to your online casino account, the cash can take longer to show up in your casino balance. This waiting time is a big downside if you want to kick off the already thrilling gameplay.

When you use a bank transfer to deposit into an online casino, you must share your bank account details with the platform. This means you are giving up some of your private financial information. Some players don't like the idea of their banking details being shared in this way.

This lack of privacy is a potential downside to using bank transfers for online casino deposits. If you want to use this payment method, you must accept the casino having access to your bank account details. However, if you value keeping your financial data private, a bank transfer might not be your best choice.

With bank transfers, there are often limits on how much you can put in at one transaction. These limits can drag if you want to add a huge amount of money to your online casino account. If this is the case, it’s better to do multiple smaller bank transfers instead of one deposit only.

How to choose the right online casino bank transfer option

When using bank transfer as your deposit method, check the details, such as online casino deposit fees, processing times, and limits for each option.

Have a closer look at the vital aspects of choosing the right bank transfer option in online casinos below:

Check the fees
Look at processing times
Consider the deposit limits
Focus on security
Ensure easy access

While Roobet doesn't charge any fees for using bank transfer deposits, your bank may apply fees for these transactions. Look closely at any fees your bank charges for transfer options.

Some transfer methods may have higher fees that can affect the amount of your added cash. Try to find a bank transfer option with the lowest fees, whether flat rate charges or percentage-based fees. Knowing the exact fee details is key, as you want to avoid losing a huge portion of your deposit to paying fees.

The goal is to get the most value for your money, so it's important to find a low-fee bank transfer option. Compare the fee structures across the different bank choices available to you.

How long does it take for the bank transfer to show up in your online casino account? Some options are faster than others. Slow processing times can be frustrating. You don't want to deposit cash and wait longer before you can start playing with it.

Look for a quick processing time to start playing immediately. Fast processing times are key to getting your cash into your casino account and beginning gaming without delay.

Check the smallest and biggest deposit amounts allowed for each bank transfer type. You want an option that lets you deposit the exact amount you need without limits that are too low or too high.

Deposit limits matter. If an option has a too-low limit, you can’t add as much cash as you want for your gameplay. But if the limit is too high, you may have to deposit more than you need. The right balance of limits is important to get the most out of it.

Security should be a top priority when choosing a bank transfer method for your online casino deposits. Ensure the transfer option you select has security measures, such as encryption, fraud protection, and a proven track record of keeping customer data safe.

When using a bank transfer, you are sharing sensitive financial data, so it's important to have a sturdy and trustworthy system handling the transaction. Avoid any bank transfer choices that seem to lack strong security protocols.

Pick a bank transfer option that you can access and use. Make sure the overall process is simple and that transfers are completed quickly and easily.

Ease of use is important, as you wouldn’t want to get bogged down trying to figure out a confusing or complex transfer process. A user-friendly option saves you time and effort, giving you a smooth experience when moving funds into your casino account.

Payment methods to use for bank transfers at Roobet Casino

At Roobet, we offer several bank transfer options for deposit. These methods allow you to securely move money from your accounts into your casino balance. 

Have a look at the methods available at Roobet:




Caixa is a fast and easy bank transfer choice for adding funds to your Roobet account. As a socially responsible universal banking model, Caixa offers low fees and high deposit limits, making it a convenient and trusted banking option that players find useful.

Credit/debit card

You can also use your Visa, Mastercard, or other credit/debit cards to make a deposit at Roobet. This is a simple, familiar way to add cash to your account. The process is quick, with your funds showing up right away. Just be mindful of any fees your card issuer may charge for casino transactions.


Ecopayz is an e-wallet service that allows secure bank transfers to your Roobet account. It acts as a middleman, keeping your financial details private. Ecopayz has fast processing times and flexible deposit limits to meet your needs.


Skrill is another trusted e-wallet Roobet supports for bank transfers. It's a safe, streamlined way to move money to and from your casino account. This is known for its user-friendly interface and strong fraud protection measures.


Neteller is an e-payment provider that lets you easily transfer funds to your Roobet account. It's popular for players who want privacy and security when making deposits. Neteller has quick processing times and flexible deposit/withdrawal options.

Processing time of bank transfer at Roobet Casino

Roobet Casino works hard to make the deposit process through bank transfers efficient. Most bank transfer options have lightning-fast processing times, with your funds showing up in your Roobet account in as little as 30 minutes. Roobet prioritises swift deposits, so you can start playing right away.

If you ever have any questions or need help tracking the status of your deposit, our live support team is available 24/7. They can provide real-time updates and confirm if your bank transfer has been processed.

Guide on how to deposit at Roobet using a bank transfer

Your funds will be available to you in no time when you follow these simple steps of depositing using your bank account below:

Sign up or log in: If this is your first time using Roobet, you must ‘sign up’ for an account and provide the necessary details to create a new profile.

If you already have a Roobet account, you need to ‘log in’ to your existing profile using your username and password.
Roobet Bank Account image 1
Go to the deposit section: Once you're logged in, look for the ‘Deposit’ button in the upper middle of the homepage. Clicking it will take you to the page where you can add funds to your account.
Roobet Bank Account image 3
Choose from the options: On the deposit page, see the section that says ‘Card, banks, and more’. Click this option to deposit money from your bank account using various methods.

Pick the one you want to use to proceed.
Roobet Bank Account image 4
Enter the deposit amount: A box appears where you can type in the money you want to add to your Roobet account. Be sure to enter an amount between the US$5 minimum and US$10,000 maximum.
Roobet Bank Account image 6
Type in your account number: In the next set of boxes, you need to enter the account number of your chosen method. (e.g. the long number printed on the front of your credit or debit card)
Roobet Bank Account image 7
Input your card name: You must also enter your full name as the cardholder of the credit or debit card you are using. This ensures the payment is properly linked to your account.
Roobet Bank Account image 8
Verify the date: Look at the current date and enter the month and year in the provided fields. This helps confirm the timing of when you are making the deposit.
Roobet Bank Account image 9
Enter the security code: Finally, enter the security code into the last box.
Roobet Bank Account image 10
Click ‘Set amount' to proceed: Once you've filled out all the card details, tap the ‘Set amount’ button to continue the deposit process.
Roobet Bank Account image 11
Log in to your bank: Log in to your online banking. Follow your bank's steps to transfer the deposit amount to the account details provided by Roobet.
Double-check the details: Carefully review the transfer details before proceeding with the transaction.
Get notified by Roobet: Roobet will notify you once your deposit has been processed and the funds are available in your account balance.
All set to play and win: You can now use the money you deposited to play the games at Roobet!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The smallest amount you can deposit in your Roobet account via bank transfer is US$5. This low amount makes it easy to start before you go with bigger deposits.
The most you can add in one bank transfer to your Roobet account is US$10,000. This huge cap lets you make large cash adds, but it’s worth noting that Roobet also has measures in place to help with responsible gameplay.
Roobet deposits are often fast, typically within just a few minutes. However, some banks may take extra time to process the transfer. Roobet's quick processing time means you can start playing right away after adding funds to your account.
No, there are no fees for making deposits at Roobet. All deposits on the platform are free, allowing you to get the full value of your added funds.
If you encounter any issues or have questions about depositing on Roobet, contact our 24/7 customer support. They are ready to assist you and help resolve any deposit problems.
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