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Play online casino blackjack at Roobet now!

Enjoy the best blackjack gaming experience at Roobet. Various blackjack games with high wager limits from the leading gaming providers in the industry await you here. Go head to head with the dealer and beat their hand to win a huge payout you can easily withdraw at Roobet.

The best part about online gambling with Bitsler is that you can choose a casino blackjack game tailored to your playing style, budget and skill. Plus, we ensure that your funds and essential details are safe using 2FA and the latest 256-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL).

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Ready to have the best ultimate blackjack experience?
Get all the details you need about our blackjack game selection below.
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What is online blackjack?

Blackjack is a popular casino table game where you aim to beat the dealer with a hand closer to 21 without exceeding. You can hit, stand and split your cards to achieve this. Its popularity stems from its simple rules and flexible gameplay adaptable to strategies. 

Thanks to online casinos like Roobet, you can now play virtual blackjack and win crypto even on your phone.  Place your wager and play round after round of exciting online blackjack games anytime you want.

Here, you can learn how the game works through online blackjack demo versions. With this, you can experience a real game without betting real money wagers. 

Blackjack offers a unique kind of excitement that regulars keep coming back to. With many actions available, you can use various strategies to improve your odds of beating the dealer. Follow betting systems like Martingale or do complex techniques like card counting, and you might secure your wins.

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You can experience all these things when you play online casino blackjack games at Roobet.
Our casino site offers different blackjack variations with various house edges and RTP.
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Types of blackjack

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Discover the distinguishing features of some of the popular blackjack variations.
You can learn all these things in one sitting with our help. Read their brief definition below.
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American Blackjack

Along with European Blackjack, the American Blackjack is the widely played blackjack variation. Popular blackjack games, such as Atlantic City Blackjack, Vegas Strip Blackjack, Vegas Downtown Blackjack, and Spanish 21, are all based on the American Blackjack.

Here are the following standard rules of American Blackjack:

  • 10-value cards can be split, even if they are different
  • American Blackjack payouts are 3:2 or 6:5
  • Players can double down after a split
  • Players can double down on any hand sum
  • Players can split Aces only one time
  • Players can split hands up to three times
  • Players can surrender late
  • The dealer must stand on a soft 17
  • The dealer’s second card (hole card) is dealt after their face-up card, and they can peek at if their upcard is an ace or a 10
  • Uses six or eight decks of cards

European Blackjack

This blackjack variation imposes stricter rules than its American counterpart. You can find more restrictions on various aspects of the gameplay, mainly on the players' decision-making.

Check some of the following standard rules of European Blackjack:

  • Uses two decks of cards
  • European Blackjack payouts are:
    • 1:1 in case of a tie (the stake is ‘pushed’ or returned).
    • 3:2 for Blackjack
    • 2:1 for an insurance bet
  • If both player and dealer have a Blackjack, it is considered a push and bets are returned
  • Players can double down only on a hard hand of 9, 10 or 11
  • Players cannot double down on a split-hand
  • Players cannot split 4, 5 or 10-value cards of different suits
  • Players cannot surrender if the dealer's face card is an Ace
  • Players can only split a hand once
  • The dealer's Blackjack always wins over the player's hand at the sum of 21
  • The dealer’s second card is dealt after all the players have their hands, so the dealer cannot  peek for Blackjack
  • The dealer must hit for a hand value of 16
  • The dealer must stand on a soft 17.
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Advantages of playing online casino blackjack in

Reap numerous benefits when you play at Roobet Casino and sports bookmaker. Check out what makes Roobet the best online gaming destination for all your betting needs.

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These include a user-friendly interface, convenient mobile gaming, real-time deposit transfers, enhanced security, rewarding bonuses and more.
Read below to learn more about the perks of playing online casino slots at Roobet.
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  1. User-friendly interface

Roobet proudly offers a user-friendly site that caters to all types of players. Visit our site, and you will find all the games you need in one place. Go to the bottom of our page, and you’ll see everything you need about Roobet. If you need help or have questions, the live chat button is always accessible in the lower-right corner, whichever page you go to on Roobet. 

  1. Crypto gambling

Play your favourite blackjack games using your preferred crypto here. Roobet supports Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Tether (USDT), USD Coin (USDC) and Ripple (XRP) as crypto deposit methods. 

  1. Real-time deposit transfer

Deposit crypto and receive your funds into your Roobet gaming account right away. With crypto payment methods, expect faster processing time for your crypto transactions. Receive your funds in just a few minutes thanks to the blockchain’s underlying decentralised technology, which removes the need for third parties. 

  1. Convenient mobile gaming

Enjoy playing your favourite blackjack games with Roobet wherever you are. You can play blackjack on any smartphone, laptop or tablet device. Even if you have an Android or iOS device, Roobet still works flawlessly. Access Roobet through your mobile browser, and you can play on our site quickly. Rest assured that all Roobet games are mobile-optimised for the best gaming experience. 

  1. Secure gambling

Roobet's security features keep your data safe so that you can play without worries. We use the latest 256-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption technology to ensure players can securely transfer their sensitive data over the Internet to our server. 

We also included 2FA as an added security feature. You can use apps, such as Google Authenticator and Authy, for 2FA. When you use these two apps, you must input the code for any withdrawals, logins, or tips. This highly recommended method increases the security of your Roobet account.

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  1. Anonymity

Crypto transactions can offer a higher privacy level than traditional payment methods. Since Roobet is a crypto casino, you can deposit funds without giving your bank details and place your wager without anyone knowing who you are. Roobet doesn’t require you to give out your information, such as email, bank info and address, in every transaction.

  1. Accessible 24/7 365

Play your favourite Roobet blackjack titles any time of the day, as we are accessible 24/7. Unlike land-based ones with opening and closing hours, we don’t have a time limit. You can visit our site and play your favourite blackjack titles whenever possible.

Moreover, if you encounter a problem depositing on your gaming account or playing any blackjack games, you can ask for assistance through our 24/7 customer support. Roobet makes sure to answer all your problems and resolve any issues immediately.

  1. Various payment methods

Roobet Casino offers diverse payment methods, catering to various preferences and ensuring convenient transactions for every player.

  • Credit Cards - Pay using major credit cards such as Visa and Mastercard and enjoy instant transactions, enhanced security measures, and the ability to play with your preferred currency.
  • Debit Cards - Fund your account easily at Roobet Casino using your bank-issued debit card. This option allows you to use cash straight from your bank account, ensuring smooth transfers and allowing you to play your favourite casino games immediately.
  • E-Wallets - Deposit funds into your account using your e-wallet. Roobet accepts major e-wallets such as PayPal, Skrill, and Neteller, providing a safe and convenient option to make casino deposits.
    E-wallets serve as a digital middleman, allowing you to store funds and transact without disclosing your financial information directly. With e-wallets, you may enjoy quick deposits, increased anonymity, and the convenience of keeping your casino funds in one location.
  • Bank Transfers - Go for a traditional approach with supported bank transfer options at Roobet. This option allows you to transfer money straight from your bank account to your casino account. While bank transfers may take longer, they are a trustworthy and safe way to pay for your gaming activities.
  • Cryptocurrencies - Embrace online payments' future by depositing cryptos like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and more. Blockchain technology adds an extra degree of secrecy and security to cryptocurrency deposits. This option enables fast, borderless transactions with low costs, making it an excellent solution for those who appreciate the anonymity and decentralised nature of digital currencies.
  1. Bonuses, promotions and rewarding programs

Roobet is committed to providing various bonuses and promotions so you can relish these rewards and elevate your casino experience. We also take pride in providing clear and straightforward terms and conditions for each promotion to ensure you enjoy its benefits.

Some of the bonuses and promotions you can get are:

  • Partner promotions - Get rewards by playing our partner provider’s casino games. Roobet partners with the best gaming providers in the industry, Pragmatic Play and Spinomenal, to provide rewarding bonuses you can use for your casino gaming.
  • Rain Rewards - Catch a cloudburst of prizes with Roobet’s Rain Rewards. Be active and receive a generous amount of USD into your crypto Iron Pouch.
  • Free Play - Earn points by reviewing apps, websites, and products, taking surveys, or participating in special campaigns. Exchange these points for real money; you can play and win on our platform without depositing.
  • Roowards - Receive hefty rewards from Mr Roo when you are one of the active players on Roobet. Roowards provides three types of rewards: Daily Rakeback, Weekly Cashback and Monthly Bonus.
  • VIP Club - Meet Mr Roo’s requirements to receive a VIP invite from us! Roobet’s VIP Program is an invitation-only program offering exclusive perks for our most exceptional Roobetters.
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Popular Blackjack games you can play at Roobet

Roobet JP Blackjack SEO image 1

Start your gaming journey with the best online casino blackjack games with easy rules at Roobet! Find variations of online blackjack games that offer immersive gameplay, innovative features, and cutting-edge online tables. You can filter the game selections based on popularity, recommendations and the providers. 

Check these Roobet blackjacks and experience exciting gameplay:

Salon Prive Blackjack A

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  • Software Provider: Evolution
  • Blackjack variation: American Blackjack
  • RTP: 99.29%
  • Minimum/maximum bet: US$1,000 - US$100,000
  • Side bets: Yes
  • Features: Minimum bankroll requirement of US$6,000, live chat, adjustable game speed, ‘Request a new dealer’ option, Changeable view, Exclusivity.

Salon Prive Blackjack A from Evolution offers players an exclusive blackjack table for players who want high betting limits. Play head-to-head with the dealer if you can place a minimum bet of US$1,000 up to a maximum of US$100,000. Experience what it’s like to play blackjack one-on-one with a dealer at a game with a 99.29% RTP.

Lightning Blackjack

Roobet JP Blackjack SEO image 3
  • Software Provider: Evolution
  • Blackjack variation: American Blackjack
  • RTP: 99.56%
  • Minimum/maximum bet: US$1 - US$10,000
  • Side bets: No
  • Features: Live chat, adjustable game speed, multiplier (2x–25x), Changeable view, Lightning fee 

Lightning-fast action with an RTP of 99.56% awaits you in Lightning Blackjack by Evolution, where you have plenty of chances to hit the jackpot. The game features a unique blend of classic Blackjack with added Lightning multipliers of up to 25x. Play more and enjoy the excitement of online blackjack like never before, as each round only lasts a few seconds.

Blackjack VIP 1

Roobet JP Blackjack SEO image 4
  • Software Provider: Bombay Live
  • Blackjack variation: American Blackjack
  • RTP: 99.56%
  • Minimum/maximum bet: US$100 - US$10,000
  • Side bets: NoFeatures: Minimum bankroll requirement of US$1,000, live chat, adjustable game speed, multiplier (2x–25x), Changeable view, Lightning fee

VIP-worthy rewards are waiting for you in Bombay Live’s Blackjack VIP 1. Experience a truly exclusive, high-roller game with this blackjack VIP game. With betting limits as high as a minimum of US$100 to US$10,000, you’ll surely get your money’s worth in an exciting blackjack game with your fellow VIP players.

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One Blackjack

Roobet JP Blackjack SEO image 5
  • Software Provider: Pragmatic Play
  • Blackjack variation: American Blackjack
  • RTP: 99.28% 
  • Minimum/maximum bet: US$1 - US$20,000
  • Side bets: Yes
  • Features: Live chat, live support, auto-decision, changeable view, chip display.

Start racking huge rewards when you play One Blackjack game by Pragmatic Play. This blackjack title offers a large prize pool and an elegant gaming experience to entertain you for hours. The game has a 99.28% RTP and pays 3:2 for blackjack and 2:1 for insurance bets.

Roo’s VIP Blackjack

Roobet JP Blackjack SEO image 6
  • Software Provider: Pragmatic Play
  • Blackjack variation: American Blackjack
  • RTP: 99.28% 
  • Minimum/maximum bet: US$100 - US$20,000
  • Side bets: Yes
  • Features: Live chat, live support, ‘sit here’ option, changeable view, navigation controls, bet behind, auto-decisions.

See how generous Mr Roo is in Roo’s VIP Blackjack by Pragmatic Play. Take your seat in this solid live dealer game featuring standard blackjack rules, perfect for thrill-seekers with the cash to spend. Plus, it offers additional features, like the bet behind and ‘sit here’ option, which you won’t usually find anywhere else. Bets for this game start at US$100 and go as high as US$20,000.

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How to bet on blackjack at Roobet?

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Start taking home big prizes when you play your favourite blackjack game at Roobet online bookmaker.
You can enjoy all the casino blackjack games and reap the benefits with Mr. Roo.
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Start by creating an account, depositing real money into your gaming account, and picking your preferred Roobet blackjack game. Here’s how to register and deposit cryptocurrency:

Create an account

  1. Go to Roobet’s homepage and click the ‘register’ button at the top right corner.
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  1. Enter necessary info, like username, email and password. You can also register with your Google or MetaMask account.
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  1. Don’t forget to tick the age requirements and terms and conditions.
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  1. Don’t forget to tick the age requirements and terms and conditions.
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Deposit funds into your account

You must deposit funds into your Roobet gaming account to play and wager real money. Roobet accepts fiat and crypto deposits. Here’s how to deposit:

For fiat

  1. Go to the deposit page and select ‘Cards, banks and more’. 
  2. You will then be able to deposit directly by using either your Credit Card or EcoPayz.
  3. Enter the amount you want to deposit (the minimum deposit amount is $10) and your card details.
  4. Select ‘Deposit.’
  5. Wait for your funds to reflect on your Roobet account.

For crypto:

  1. Click the Deposit button.
  2. Choose which cryptocurrency to deposit. You can choose Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Tether (USDT), USD Coin (USDC) and XRP (XRP).
  3. Scan the QR code with your crypto wallet or copy the address to your wallet. 
  4. After your deposit has been sent onto the blockchain, the crypto should be in your Roobet account.

Buy crypto

Don’t have crypto funds yet? You don’t have to go anywhere! You can buy crypto at Roobet to start playing Roobet's blackjack games as quickly as possible.

Here's how you can buy crypto from Roobet:

  1. Access the ‘Buy Crypto’ page. You can find this between the deposit and withdrawal section on the deposit page.
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  1. Choose the desired amount of crypto you wish to buy. Ensure that it meets the minimum requirement of US$50. Then, Select the specific crypto (BTC, ETH, LTC, or more) you want.
Roobet JP Blackjack SEO image 12
  1. Verify your email before proceeding with the transaction. An email containing a verification code is sent to the email address associated with your Roobet account. Input the code to continue.
Roobet JP Blackjack SEO image 13
  1. Then, fill in the required details, such as your name, date of birth, country of nationality and billing address. 
  2. Enter your card billing address and details. Then, select ‘Continue’ to proceed.
  3. Once your identity has been verified and a card added, you can buy the preferred crypto. Select the currency and amount you want to purchase, then click the ‘Continue’ button.
  4. After purchasing the crypto, send it to your Roobet account. Enter your Roobet deposit address onto the page and select ‘Continue’ again.
  5. You will receive your crypto funds once the blockchain confirms the transaction. 

Choose your preferred blackjack game

You can now choose your preferred blackjack game. With our over 300 blackjack titles, you have plenty of options from the top-notch gaming providers in the industry. We have blackjack games from Evolution, Pragmatic Play and Bombay Live. All games will give you the best gaming experience you’ve been wanting.

Find the best online casino blackjack here at Roobet

Play various titles from wherever you are for a memorable casino gaming experience. Whether a beginner or a casino expert, you can find a blackjack game that suits your style, budget and skills here at Roobet. 

Discover high-quality online blackjack games and try them out for yourself. Sign up and play now on Roobet! Online casino blackjack FAQs

Yes, you can! Just open your mobile browser and search for Roobet. Browse through our list of mobile-optimised blackjack games and play whatever you want.
You aim to beat the dealer with a higher hand without exceeding 21. When you do, you win the payout.
The minimum bet in online blackjack depends on the game titles you’re playing. It can be as low as U$1.
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