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Elevate your Roobet experience with the casino VIP program

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Playing online casino games at Roobet is one of the most fulfilling experiences. This gets even better when you’re a high roller, as Roobet has the VIP program, one of the most robust offers of the platform. Become one of the most prolific players at Roobet and partake in the membership program. Level up your casino experience by learning more about the VIP Program here.

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What to expect from Roobet’s Casino VIP Program

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Roobet is one of the best online casinos, and veteran gamblers have tried having fun on the platform.
They do it through the VIP program, which offers many benefits that regular players don’t have.
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Are you interested in making the most out of your online casino experience? Look no further than becoming an online casino VIP here at Roobet. It is already one of the best gambling sites in the world, but you can appreciate it even more when you become a casino VIP. 

The VIP program at Roobet is valuable. It’s an invite-only program that offers impressive service with the most outstanding players on the platform. You have plenty of perks whenever you play here as a VIP, which makes for the most fulfilling experience you can earn. 

Here are the best rewards you can get when you become a VIP here at Roobet: 

Personal account manager

Our VIP Account Managers at Roobet are experienced in assisting VIP players. Their objective is to give you an unparalleled experience by helping you address your needs or resolve issues on the platform. 

Exclusive promotions

By becoming a VIP, you will earn exclusive promotions that you can only get by playing here. Take note that your manager will be listening so if you’re one of the few lucky VIPs to be chosen, just ask your online casino VIP manager regarding the promotions you earned. 

VIP events and hospitality

You can take your VIP experience to the next level by participating in some of the biggest events in the world. Roobet helps you attend the most thrilling sporting events or get tickets to fancy theatres! Work with your account manager and see what you can win when playing Roobet games.

Feedback with your account manager 

Communicate with your manager about what you need and how you feel about Roobet. This way, your manager can know what you want to see on the platform and pass it on to the team behind Roobet. They will then work hard to help you achieve your goals.

VIP Gifts

You’ll get surprises occasionally when you least expect it whenever you play on the platform as a VIP.

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Earn the biggest benefits of casino VIP programs at Roobet

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If you’re still pondering whether you should play at Roobet, we’ll provide you with the biggest benefits of our casino VIP programs.
Enjoy your time playing here at Roobet, especially when you are a VIP!
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Playing at Roobet lets you get the most out of a premier online casino. However, your time on the platform will be enhanced when you become part of the Roobet casino VIP program. Here at Roobet, you are getting the best benefits of being an online casino VIP, which includes the following:

Exclusive bonuses

As soon as you log onto Roobet as a VIP player, you will get many exclusive bonuses. That’s a big deal, considering that you can earn plenty of perks compared to when you’re not a VIP player. The experience becomes even better when you play your favourite games, and your payouts are improved due to the presence of a bonus.

The same goes for any promotion on the site that isn’t available for regular players. VIPs only get access to them, as Roobet wanted VIPs to be given the incentives they need to keep playing and win more payouts. 

You should also note that VIP programs typically have tiers, so as long as you improve and progress through the tiers, you will receive better bonuses.

A more personalised experience

Every time you log into Roobet as a VIP, you will get a personalised experience, as a manager will help you. That manager will be ready to assist you with all aspects of your account, from your queries when playing the game to ironing out your account issues.

Managers will be willing to help you at any point you’re online, so be prepared to talk to them whenever you want to play so they can assist you without any issues. This is a second-to-none experience you’re getting with Roobet, and you’ll have this when you’ve earned the VIP distinction.

A faster experience at Roobet

You will have a faster experience when you earn VIP status at Roobet. You’ve earned that status by playing your favourite games to the best of your powers while also maximising the money you spend on the platform.

You can play more often due to the speed of the gameplay and withdrawal process, which the managers will help you streamline. As a VIP, you can level up your gameplay with every bet you place. 

A casino with a VIP program you can trust 

Roobet is already a trusted online casino due to the security of our platform. However, we still want to ensure the safety of our players. That’s why our casino site has a two-factor authentication process as a security method, which requires an additional device to help you play the game. 

Roobet also has a privacy policy that discusses the information we collect from you. Read that, and you’ll see that Roobet is the right platform for you, especially when you meet the casino VIP conditions here.

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Useful tips for maximising Roobet Casino VIP rewards

Do you want to make the most out of Roobet’s VIP program? Get some of the best tips you can get whenever you play here!
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Before playing at Roobet, you should know the best ways to win rewards while staying vigilant of your gaming sessions. Fortunately, we have all the tips to help you become a better casino VIP at Roobet. Check them out below: 

Manage your bankroll wisely

Practice responsible gambling and manage your bankroll properly. Creating a sustainable and enjoyable gaming environment at Roobet is best, especially if you're a VIP. Since you're a long-time player, you will have more money to work with, so it’s best to start slow with low-value bets and then ramp up when you get used to it. 

Considering you’re a VIP, you must already be a veteran at Roobet. However, you should get used to the VIP life first. It’s ideal to keep your bets low when you’re not yet an experienced VIP and gradually increase as you progress and become a top VIP. 

Take advantage of the VIP bonuses 

If you’re considered a VIP, take advantage of the perks you’re getting. The Roobet casino bonus is there to make your life on our platform better, so don’t store them, use them to the fullest and win the biggest payouts possible. 

Remember, being a VIP can still lead to personalised perks, which is a good way to keep thriving as a member of Roobet’s exclusive club. 

Stay active as a VIP player at Roobet 

VIP status means you rarely miss a day of playing casino games. Playing casino games at Roobet often helps you avoid missing out on exclusive VIP bonuses and promotions. It’s best to keep track of your gameplay sessions, as you can keep playing whenever it’s the right time to lock in your bets.

Be strategic with your approach to the casino games

A Roobet VIP will thrive by becoming more strategic with how they play the games on the platform. Do your best to apply a betting strategy every time you play, which can lead to sustainable rewards. Here are some strategies you should try applying: 

  • Martingale - Double down whenever you lose to help recover your losses while winning a reward. It will be risky, but you’re a VIP already, so you know the risks of betting high amounts! Think of a US$1 bet that will first become a US$2 wager, then a US$4 in successive losses.
  • Paroli - This involves doubling down again, but this time, you do it every time you win! It is an even riskier strategy, but the upside is superb, as you’re doubling the rewards you won. Similarly to the previous bet, you double your US$1 bet every time you win.
  • Fibonacci - Multiply your initial bet to the numerical sequence seen from Fibonacci. The sequence goes 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 24, 34, 55, 89, 144, and so on. Multiply your bet amount by the sequence every time you lose, and reset when you win.
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Start earning VIP rewards at Roobet casino

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Follow a streamlined process to become one of the best VIP players while you’re here at Roobet!

Access your favourite games here at Roobet and earn your way to becoming a VIP by following the easy step-by-step instructions on how to register on the platform:

Register for a Roobet account

  1. Start creating your account at Roobet by clicking the yellow ‘register’ button at the top right corner of the site. This will take you to a separate page where you can input all the important details, such as your username, email address, and password.
  2. Click the yellow ‘register’ button in the top right corner. That takes you to a separate page where you need to input your username, email address, and password. 
  3. You can opt for the other option of registering through Google, Steam, and Metamask. 
  4. After that, you should deposit funds into your account to begin your path to becoming a VIP at Roobet.

Deposit funds into your account to play the games

You can use your fiat currencies on the platform, but cryptocurrency is the recommended payment method. You have plenty of crypto options for this at Roobet, which are: 

  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Ethereum (ETH)
  • Litecoin (LTC)
  • Tether (USDT)
  • USD Coin (USDC)
  • Ripple (XRP).

Here are the steps you must follow to deposit funds into your Roobet account:

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  1. Pick the payment option you want to use, then click that or the ‘cashier’ at the top right of the site, where you will see the ‘deposit’ button. 
  2. Browse through the numerous options you can use for your deposit.
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  1. Open the crypto wallet app on your smartphone and use the camera feature to scan the QR code provided.
  2. Input the amount you want to deposit and initiate the transfer. You can also copy and paste the wallet address into your crypto wallet to initiate the transaction.
  3. Check your account and see if the funds have been transferred.
  4. Enjoy the crypto rewards you can win from games, especially when you become a VIP by meeting the requirements.

Withdraw your winnings from the wins in your casino games

When you win from the games at Roobet, don’t forget to transfer your winnings into your wallet. Here are the steps you must follow to withdraw your rewards:

  1. Go to the payment section again, but click the ‘Withdraw’ button again. Activate the two-factor authentication to help you have a secure withdrawal experience.
  2. Choose your preferred payment method from the list of options in a drop-down menu.
  3. Paste your destination address for your wallet and input that into your chosen withdrawal method.
  4. Enter the withdrawal amount from your winnings at Roobet.
  5. Review the transaction details and verify the amount you want to withdraw.
  6. Confirm the withdrawal request by clicking ‘Withdraw funds’. Your request will be processed, and due to the crypto-based payment method, it will only take a few seconds.
  7. Verify if the transaction went through on your crypto wallet.
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Become the best VIP you can be at Roobet

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With the VIP status you’ve earned at Roobet, you are making the most of your online gambling potential. Keep working hard and earning the best rewards from the games you play here!
Being a VIP at Roobet is a great achievement, as it is the best online casino platform for you!
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You can always expect a fantastic time whenever you play at Roobet. However, that becomes even better when you play your games as a VIP on our platform. You have a wide range of games and payment options spearheaded by cryptocurrencies.

Online gambling is much better when you play at Roobet as a VIP, as we offer the best benefits. The special experience you seek in an online casino awaits you at Roobet. Expect a hassle-free experience while you’re here, especially when a manager is assigned to help you with anything that comes up.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes. It is worth your time, especially with the rewards and perks you can get.
It’s good to keep gambling as a VIP at Roobet, as you’ll earn more.
Certainly! You can win many rewards as a VIP, so do your best to earn your status.
It’s time for you to keep playing and working hard to become such a good player that we will notice you and give you VIP status.
Follow the steps that VIP managers will give to you.
Everything you do at Roobet Casino will be considered. This includes the games you play, such as slots and live games. Being loyal to the platform can also get you noticed.
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