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Roll your way to big wins in the Roobet Casino Dice Game

If you're a fan of dice games and looking for a unique twist, then Roobet's online casino dice game is just what you need to play. This exciting game combines the simplicity of dice rolling with the anticipation of hitting big wins in every bet.

In Roobet, you can place your bets and let the casino dice decide your fate. With each roll, the thrill builds as you wait to see if luck is on your side.

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Dice games are fascinating. I wonder what makes them popular among many players.
The thrill of the unknown keeps players returning for more. If you're intrigued to discover the unique twists Roobet's Dice games have in store for you, keep reading below.
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Let us guide you through the ins and outs of Roobet's Dice games so you can elevate your gameplay!
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The top choices: Play casino Dice game at Roobet

Roobet Casino Dice Game image 1

Play one of the virtual casino dice games at Roobet and take your casino experience to the next level. With our exciting variation of the classic dice game, you can roll the virtual dice and hit thrilling winnings.

Be immersed in these games below and see where luck and strategy can take your gameplay:

Dice by Roobet

Roobet Casino Dice Game image 2

Dice by Roobet is an original dice game for Roobet players to enjoy. This popular game allows play in manual or auto mode, allowing for a personalised gaming experience.

Its high RTP of 98.6% and high volatility offer the chance for high maximum payouts. When adjusting the dice slider, you can change the range of numbers you're betting on, affecting the win chance, multiplier, and roll below number. 

The game also offers high-quality graphics and an intuitive user layout to provide players with easy gameplay. With the ability to set the odds, you control the risks and potential rewards.

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Lightning Dice by Evolution

Roobet Casino Dice Game image 3

Lightning Dice is a live dealer game that adds an electrifying touch to the classic dice concept. In this game, four standard dice are dropped into a transparent ‘Lightning Tower’, and players place bets on the total of the three dice when they land on the maze-like sections of the tower.

The game uses RNG-based random multipliers, which can multiply winnings by 1,000x. You can win the multipliers through lightning strikes that power one or several ‘Lightning Numbers’ on the betting grid. Each of the chosen numbers is assigned a random multiplier. If you have placed a bet on a lightning-struck number, your winnings are multiplied accordingly.

This blend of dice rolling and lightning multipliers creates a thrilling and rewarding gaming experience for Roobet players worldwide.

Football Studio Dice by Evolution

Roobet Casino Dice Game image 4

Football Studio Dice is an innovative version of the popular Football Studio game with a mix of the exciting concept of the Bac Bo dice game. In this game, dice replace the classic cards used in Evolution’s Football Studio.

Scores for the home and away teams are determined by the sum of two dice, which are individually shaken in four shakers (two for each side). The team with the highest two-dice total wins, with the game divided into two halves, similar to a football match. In the event of a draw, various payouts are available, including the possibility of an 80x win.

Even if you lose in the first half of the dice roll, you still have the chance to make a comeback in the second half just like in football.
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Football Studio Dice is set in a vibrant setting, imitating the thrill of a football game. With its unique and thrilling gaming experience, football and dice enthusiasts will enjoy the game.

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Rocket Dice by BGaming

Roobet Casino Dice Game image 5

Rocket Dice is a game that stays true to its simple and timeless principles. The game features a dice cup with two dice, and the goal is to correctly predict whether the sum of the dice roll will be higher or lower than a chosen number between 2 and 11.

Players can place bets on ‘over’ or ‘under’ parameters. The result is summed up after rolling the two dice and adding each point. The paytable displays all the winning payouts and their corresponding multiplier so you know how much you can win.

When chasing after thrilling gameplay, you can take calculated risks by placing large bets for the chance to earn huge multipliers.
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Scratch Dice by BGaming

Roobet Casino Dice Game image 6

Scratch Dice is delivered expertly by BGaming, combining elements of dice and instant lottery. Its appeal lies in its immersive elements, including HD graphics, matching music and sounds, vibrant colours, and a realistic scratching process. The simple rules allow you to dive into the game without confusion and hassle.

The game features lottery tickets with a scratch zone covering dice symbols underneath. You will reveal the dice symbols by clearing the scratch zone. You can hit instant prizes if you form sets of three identical symbols (ranging from 1-1-1 to 6-6-6).

Scratch Dice also introduces a special set of symbols called Street (1-2-3 to 4-5-6), which can award players a Golden Ticket. The Golden Ticket offers higher multipliers in the event of a win.

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Roobet Dice game providers for Dice casino platforms

Roobet ensures a high-quality gaming experience by partnering with trusted dice game providers. These providers use Random Number Generators (RNG) to guarantee fair and random outcomes in the casino dice games.

With its innovative features and cutting-edge technology, this software delivers a seamless and thrilling gaming experience for every Roobet user.
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Here are some of the renowned gaming providers you can rely on for your gameplay at Roobet:
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Evolution is one of the top-notch dice game providers at Roobet, known for its great quality and innovation in the gaming industry. They specialise in creating immersive live dealer games, including various live dice games.

Dice games from Evolution offer a realistic and interactive experience with expert dealers and high-definition video streaming. With its advanced technology and focus on player experience, Evolution has become a leading casino game provider.


BGaming is another top provider of dice games renowned for its high-quality and mobile-first gaming solutions. They offer diverse dice games that combine simplicity with engaging gameplay.

BGaming's dice games often add elements of luck and strategy, giving players an enjoyable and rewarding gaming experience. Their games feature intuitive user interfaces, eye-catching graphics, and smooth gameplay across various devices.


Betsoft is a renowned game provider known for its visually stunning and feature-rich dice games. They are recognised for their 3D graphics, captivating animations, and immersive gameplay.

Dice games from Betsoft have unique themes and bonus features, providing players with an engaging and fun gaming experience.

Online casino Dice strategy: Best tips to improve your gameplay

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Even if Dice games are based on luck and chance, are there any strategies and tips I can apply to boost my chances of winning?
While dice games heavily rely on luck, there are certain strategies you can consider to improve your chances of winning.
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These strategies consider factors such as the odds, probabilities, and potential payouts of various bets, aiming to improve your betting decisions.
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Here are some of the best strategies you can use in your casino dice betting:

Martingale Method

The Martingale strategy is a popular betting system commonly used in various gambling games, including dice. It operates on the rules of doubling your bet after every loss to recover previous losses and make a profit.

Here's how the Martingale works:

  • Start with an initial bet amount, such as $10.
  • If you lose the bet, double your bet amount for the next round (e.g., $20).
  • If you win, start again with the initial bet amount.
  • Repeat this process until you win, then start with the initial bet.

The concept behind this method is that a single win will be sufficient to offset all previous losses, ultimately resulting in a net profit equivalent to the initial bet.

Break-Even Martingale Method

The Break-Even Martingale method is a variation of the Martingale strategy that aims to minimise losses and reach a break-even point more quickly. It involves adjusting the bet size after a win to ensure that, even if the next bets are lost, the overall result will help you break even.

Here's how the Break-Even Martingale works:

  • Start with an initial bet amount, such as $5.
  • If you lose the bet, double your bet amount for the next round (e.g., $10).
  • If you win that $10 bet, instead of starting again with the initial bet, you would subtract the previous loss from the current bet amount (e.g., $10 - $5 = $5).
  • Continue this process until you reach the break-even point, where the total wins equal the total losses.

By adjusting the bet size after a win, this method helps to limit losses and gradually move you towards the break-even point. This allows for a gradual recovery of previous losses, reducing the impact of unfavourable results and bringing you closer to achieving an overall balance between your wins and losses.

Inverse Martingale Method

The Inverse Martingale Method, also known as the ‘Paroli Strategy’, is the opposite of the Martingale Strategy. This method involves doubling the bet after a loss instead of doubling the bet after a win. 

This method aims to maximise winning streaks and profits during favourable runs.

Here's how Inverse Martingale works:

  • Start with an initial bet amount, such as $10.
  • If you win the bet, double your bet amount for the next round (e.g., $20).
  • If you lose, revert to the initial bet amount.
  • Repeat this approach for as long as you win.

The Inverse Martingale Method aims to ride winning streaks and increase bets during favourable runs while limiting losses during losing streaks. By leveraging winning streaks, you can potentially accumulate larger profits. 

D'Alembert Method

The D'Alembert method is a betting system designed to provide a more cautious approach than aggressive methods like the Martingale. A negative progression system involves increasing the bet size after a loss and decreasing it after a win.

Here's how D'Alembert works:

Start with an initial bet amount, such as $10.

  • If you lose the bet, increase your bet amount by a predetermined unit (e.g., $10 + $5 = $15).
  • If you win, decrease your bet amount by the same predetermined unit (e.g., $15 - $5 = $10).
  • Repeat this process for each bet.

D'Alembert allows for a more conservative progression and attempts to limit potential losses while seeking modest gains.

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Tips for playing casino dice games at Roobet

Here are some helpful tips to boost your chances of winning in dice game betting:

  • Know the game rules and payouts

Before playing any dice game, it is crucial to grasp the rules and payouts. Familiarise yourself with the specific game rules, such as the target roll or winning conditions, the respective payout ratios, and more.

A clear understanding of the game rules can help you make informed decisions and develop effective strategies.

  • Choose the right betting strategy

Selecting the right betting strategy is essential for maximising your winning chances. Consider your risk tolerance, bankroll size, and personal preferences when choosing a strategy.

It's also a good idea to test various strategies in demo mode or with small bets before committing larger amounts of money.

  • Set a budget and stick to it

One of the most vital aspects of responsible gambling is setting a budget and adhering to it. Setting a budget ensures that you do not gamble with funds intended for other purposes to prevent excessive losses. Determine the amount of money you will spend on dice games and never exceed that limit.

How to play casino dice game at Roobet Casino

To start with your Roobet casino dice gameplay, here are a few steps you can follow:

  1. Sign up: Begin by creating an account on Roobet. Click the ‘Sign up’ button on the homepage and provide the required details. Create a unique username and password to secure your account.
    Click on the checkboxes to agree to the terms and conditions and confirm your age eligibility.
  2. Deposit: Once your account is ready, fund it. To start playing dice games with real money, go to the ‘Deposit’ section. Choose your preferred deposit method, such as fiat or cryptocurrency and follow the instructions to deposit your desired amount.
  3. Pick a Roobet casino dice game: After depositing, you can select a dice game you want to play. Go to the game section and look for the dice game, or simply look for it using the search bar. Read the game rules and grasp the specific mechanics for smooth gameplay.
  4. Place bet: Adjust your desired fiat or virtual currency bet amount after picking your preferred dice game. Consider the odds and potential payouts linked with each betting option in the game to determine the optimal bet size.
  5. Roll dice: Once you've set your bet settings, click the ‘Roll’ or ‘Bet’ button to initiate the game. The dice will be rolled, and the outcome will be determined.
  6. Outcome and winnings: You win the respective payout if the total roll falls within your selected range. The amount will be added to your Roobet account balance instantly.
  7. Withdraw: If you wish to cash out your winnings, go to the ‘Withdraw’ section. Follow the instructions to request a withdrawal, specifying the desired withdrawal method and amount.
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Roll and win with casino dice games at Roobet

At Roobet, you can enjoy a thrilling dice gambling experience that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Whether you're a seasoned player or new to dice games, Roobet offers a user-friendly platform with a wide selection of themes and gameplay options to suit your preferences.

Dive into the world of online casino dice games at Roobet today. Fund your account, pick the perfect dice game for your playing style, and may every roll bring you closer to those exciting wins!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

To play dice casino games, start by placing your bet on your predicted dice roll outcome. Once your bet is placed, roll the dice and wait for the result. If the outcome matches your bet, you win.

Remember, the rules and specific gameplay mechanics may vary depending on the dice game you choose.
Roobet Casino offers various bonuses and promotions, including welcome bonuses, deposit bonuses, and regular promotions. These bonuses can provide extra funds and perks to enhance your casino dice game experience.
The minimum and maximum bet amounts for the dice game may vary depending on the game you choose. Generally, Roobet provides various betting options to fit various budgets and playing styles.
Reviewing the betting limits displayed within the game interface is advisable to determine the minimum and maximum bet amounts applicable to that particular game.
Yes, Roobet Casino offers a mobile-friendly platform that allows you to play dice games on your mobile device. You can access Roobet's website using a compatible mobile browser. Many of our dice games are optimised for mobile play.

Simply sign up and log in to your Roobet account and enjoy the dice games anytime and anywhere, as long as you have a stable internet connection.
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